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Les séminaires des Programmes d'aide aux employés de Services à la famille ont pour but d'aider les employés qui éprouvent des problèmes ou des difficultés semblables. Les séminaires sont regroupés dans les catégories suivantes : Managing Careers, Guiding Families et Inspiring Improvement.

Note : les ressources sont disponibles seulement en anglais.

Managing Careers

An ideal workplace is a comfortable, open, positive and safe environment. Realistically, however, workplace conditions vary and not every workplace is all of these things. Our Managing Careers seminars guide worksites closer to an ideal state by encouraging awareness, understanding and practical skill building.

Stress Management
This seminar defines stress and explores its causes. Participants learn to identify personal stressors and signs of stress while acquiring stress management techniques. Participants will also develop a personalized stress management action plan that will help them to be healthier and happier.

Supervisory Training
This seminar trains supervisors and managers to effectively identify and deal with troubled employees. Participants will be given suggestions and strategies to make it easier to do their job and will become more aware of how their employee assistance program can help them and their employees.

Career Development
This seminar examines a solution-focused approach to personal career development. Participants will learn about recruitment from an employers perspective, how to create the best resumes, and how to self-market. They will also explore visual, vocal, and verbal impressions.

Prolonged stress can result in emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. This seminar will help participants commit to serious lifestyle changes, in order to avoid burnout.

Conflict Management
Conflict in the workplace can cause harmful stress. When conflict is handled effectively, stress can be minimized and personal and work relationships will improve. Participants of this seminar will examine the impact of conflict on people, supervisors the workplace. Participants will learn a conflict resolution model and will be encouraged to create an action plan to effectively deal with conflict in the future.

Team Building
This seminar explores what makes an effective team, how to build a team and how to develop good communication skills. Participants will also learn how to deal with team conflict.

Workplace Harassment
This seminar will help participants to understand the legal definitions and terminology related to harassment and to become more aware of the negative impact of harassment on people. Each person will be encouraged to take individual responsibility for preventing harassment in the workplace, whether they witness it, experience it or are guilty of doing it. This seminar enables each participant to contribute to a respectful company culture.

Promoting a Positive Workplace
This seminar identifies the contributors and barriers to a positive work environment. Participants will learn the characteristics of positive communication and how to develop those skills. Each participant will be encouraged to examine their own personal conflict resolution style and to learn and practice new ways of managing conflict in the workplace.

Administering Change
This seminar is intended for organizations going through change. Participants will learn how to do deal with the social aspects of change, as well as the role of the leaders during change. This seminar promotes harmony and continuity within the organization.

Managing Change
This seminar will help participants to understand transition and to identify strategies and resources to assist them in dealing with transitional issues. Participants will be encouraged to develop and commit to an action plan that will help them move forward.

Dealing with Difficult People
This seminar identifies types of difficult people, while developing strategies for effectively communicating and dealing with them. This seminar also helps with conflict and anger management.

Managing Anger and Aggression

Success Through Diversity
This workshop examines common "isms" including racism, sexism and ageism - and the attitudinal barriers that affect each group. Participants learn to focus on and benefit from the strengths of a diverse experience base and to create personal action plans to help transform destructive corporate culture.

Managing to Have Fun
In this workshop, managers learn how to use fun and humour to create a positive work environment, reduce employee stress, and improve team productivity.

Playing Up the Team and Down the Stress
This entertaining session uses a series of games to help refresh and re-motivate work groups following the completion of a stressful or lengthy project.

Overcoming Workplace Negativity
This training session is geared to human resource professionals and managers. It examines how organizational culture, management style, policies and procedures, and the handling of the change process can contribute to a negative work environment and impede team performance. Effective interventions to combat negativity at the individual, team, and organizational levels are explored.

The ABCs of Stress Management
In an age of multiple demands, conflicting priorities and frequent deadlines people can easily feel overwhelmed and overloaded. In this seminar we will focus on developing a lifestyle that is resistant to stress.

Breaking the Stress Habit
This popular seminar is an interactive experience designed to help participants examine and evaluate their current responses to change and stressful events.

Dealing with People Under Pressure
This popular workshop examines the ways that different personality types react to stressful situations, suggests communication techniques to use during confrontations, and teaches coping skills to help employees avoid lasting emotional damage.

Whose Problem is it Anyway? Alcohol and Drug Addictions in the Workplace
In this training session supervisors and managers learn about the impact of alcohol and drug addictions in the workplace, how to identify warning sign of abuse, how to confront an employee, and how to make a referral to the employee assistance program.

Making a Choice: Surviving or Thriving on Workplace Change
This interactive workshop provides employees with a positive yet realistic look at what happens when a workplace restructures and outlines five steps towards not only surviving through, but thriving on on-going change.

Shift Work: Making It Work for You
The number of people working shifts has been growing rapidly. Here's how to deal with it effectively. We will look at some basic strategies for how to help you and your family manage the challenges of shift work.

Shift Work
This specialized seminar is designed to help shift workers learn healthy ways to adapt to the unique lifestyle changes that a non-traditional work schedule requires.

Dealing with Difficult People (FSEAP Peel)
Every worker faces the challenges of working with people that they consider difficult. In this seminar we will look at the behaviours that are difficult and examine how you and your colleagues can more effectively manage in these situations.

Resolving Workplace Conflict
This workshop helps participants to gain an understanding of conflict, teaches anger management techniques, and provides an opportunity to practice resolving workplace disputes.


Guiding Families

Sometimes family members can be the most difficult people to communicate with. Guiding Families seminars help families cope with personal issues by bringing support, awareness, understanding and solution focused skill building.

What is Caregiving?
Many of us have to face the difficult reality that we will have to start "parenting" our parents. The participants of this seminar will learn how to effectively care for the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of another person, while maintaining their own personal health and well being. Topics such as when it is time to start care giving, the positive and negative impact of care giving and what is involved in care giving are covered.

Balancing Work and Family
This seminar will teach participants to look for the signs that their lives are out of balance, identify the barriers in their lives to having balance and how to develop a plan to achieve balance. Participants will learn how to listen to their internal messages and empower themselves. The key to this seminar is that when people achieve balance in their lives, they feel better about themselves, are healthier and have more authentic and satisfying relationships with others.

Caring for Your Elderly Parents
This seminar will help to increase participant's awareness of the physical and emotional aspects of aging. They will examine how to develop a more meaningful relationship with their elderly parents and will receive information on the different community resources available to them and their aging parents.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome
There are many myths surrounding Pre Menstrual Syndrome. This seminar will help participants to clearly understand the symptoms and causes of PMS. Participants will be reassured to learn that PMS is not just a figment of their imaginations. They will receive helpful information about how to effectively manage their Pre Menstrual Syndrome, so that it doesn't inhibit their enjoyment of life.

This seminar examines the statistical trends of aging and explores the issues of the elderly. Participants will learn about caregiving and the extent of their responsibility when providing care. The emotional reactions and defence mechanisms brought on by aging will be discussed, as well as ways for the elderly and the caregivers to remain positive and healthy.

Couples Communication
This seminar is intended to help couples reach a deeper level of communication in order to promote team work, kindness, respect for one another and a focus on the relationship rather than being right. Participants will learn about the stages of relationships, the fears and hopes of couples, and what negative and positive "glue" keeps couples together.

Christmas & Stress
Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. In reality, in can be a time of immense stress and sadness. This seminar will help participants find a balance at this busy time of year. They will learn stress coping mechanisms and how to prioritize so that they can enjoy this special time of year.

Balancing Work and Home

Women and Anger

Parents: Bring Out the Best in Your Child!
This is a summary of tested parenting practices, in order to: get attention without yelling or screaming; encourage your child's natural gifts and talents; help children learn to think for themselves; use discipline for learning and self-esteem; reduce parent stress and enjoy your children more.

Parenting in the Step Family
Step families face unique challenges. Learn strategies for managing this transition with less stress and tension for everyone.

The Agony and the Ecstasy: Parenting Teens
This skill-building session focuses on the areas of communication, guidance and problem solving including "How to negotiate with adolescents" and "How to be in control without being controlling."

Can We Talk? Communicating for Couples
This entertaining session focuses on methods of communication that enhance and revitalize committed relationships and includes an examination of recent theories related to the chemistry of attraction and gender differences

Finding the Balance at Work and at Home
For employees who are concerned about missing too much time with their family: Learn time-saving ways to "be there" for your family; how to monitor family wellness so small concerns don't become significant problems at home; how to engage cooperation from family members in sharing the workload; dealing with work/family disruptions.

You and Your Aging Parents
Many parents live long and healthy lives- but when losses affect them, they may affect you too. What happens when one parent can no longer care for another; when parents refuse to accept that they need help; are lonely and seem to need all their support from you; or may be losing their ability to make sound decisions? What do you do- and do you share the responsibility or do it alone?


Inspiring Improvement

From communication to addiction and recovery, Inspiring Improvement seminars bring awareness, realizations, support and skills to those who are having difficulties coping with personal issues, or to those who are just interested in improving areas in their lives.

This seminar will help participants to face their grief in a comforting and safe environment. They will learn about what to expect while grieving, how to take care of themselves in the process, and how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way.

This seminar explores and explains what depression is, what causes depression, and how it affects the workplace. The stages of depression are described in detail, as well as signs that you or someone you know is depressed. This seminar is beneficial for anyone who is depressed, has been depressed, or knows someone who is depressed. The seminar also focuses on the characteristics of those with good mental health.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to overcome - but it is possible. This seminar will provide participants with the tools to kick the habit and to start living again. These tools include relaxation techniques, gaining support from loved ones and methods of dealing with cravings. Participants will also be encouraged to think about why they started smoking, why they hold on to it, what they can do to free themselves from the negative cycle.

Lifestyle Planning for Retirement
Retirement is a new life stage involving change, adjustment, uncertainty and personal growth. This seminar focuses on the psychology of leaving work, the emotional process of adjusting to retirement and how relationships are affected by retirement. Participants will learn how to make retirement an exciting and positive change in their lives.

Achieving Your Goals
For many, goal setting can be a real challenge. They have a sense that that they want to move ahead, but have no idea where to start or how to do it. This seminar focuses on helping individuals develop effective plans for achieving their goals whether they are short or long term.

Creating and Maintaining Optimism
Many people struggle with how to maintain an optimistic attitude in the midst of the constant daily struggles of their lives. This seminar will teach strategies for how to create and maintain a positive attitude.

The Art of Successful Communication
Effective communication is essential today. We can all benefit from learning how to listen and how to express ourselves effectively so others will listen to us.

Too Much to do in Too Little Time
A time management session for employees who have "too much to do, in too little time". This seminar will help employees to identify destructive cycles which create stress, discontent and fatigue, and teach them how to use creative time management and prioritizing techniques to restore a sense of balance between their personal and work life.

Managing Anger Productively
Do you become impatient quickly? Is your tolerance low when things don't go as you wish? You can learn to let go of unimportant or unchangeable matters, and you can also learn how to transform unproductive levels of anger into creative energy.

Money Management and Budgeting
More money is not the answer... This seminar will guide you in setting financial goals, making a budget, estimating expenses, and saving money. Learn the skills of using credit well. Discover the Ten Basic Rules of Money Management and many money-saving tips.

The Trials and Tribulations of Dealing with Change
Change is the only thing that we know always happens. Negative or positive change affects those around us as well as ourselves. This workshop will review the affects of change on people and help you to develop positive coping mechanisms through the transition.

Managing Multiple Life Demands
This seminar will help employees to identify destructive cycles that create stress, discontent and fatigue, and teach them how to use creative time management and prioritizing techniques to restore a sense of life balance.

Finding Your Purpose: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment
Many struggle with figuring out what should be done with their lives. This seminar will help people to identify their natural gifts, and look at what career choices they can make as a result of this.

Personal Mastery: Achieving Your Best
This seminar provides employees with an opportunity to learn new strategies to develop confidence and explore techniques to become more energized and creative at work and at home.

Breaking the Habit
Many want to quit smoking but don't know where to start. In this seminar, participants will learn strategies for becoming smoke free.

The Facts and Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use
This seminar is aimed at increasing overall awareness of the issue of substance use. It will include determining what substance abuse versus misuse is. We will also address issues such as coping with adult pressures, adult children of alcoholics and accessing services for assistance.